City Branding of Praya

Central Lombok Regent’s plan to increase tourist interest and make it a cultured tourist area. So that the logo is renewed and establish several landmarks as territorial identity. Development planning in several areas divided into four regions will become the fulcrum for the development of the West Lombok region.

In planning this time the company gained the trust to design a trading area. Some buildings were established as distinctive features of West Lombok in one master plan. The trading area masterplan consists of buildings :

  1. Hotel
  2. Mall
  3. Art market
  4. Culinary center
  5. Convention Center
  6. Plaza
  7. Central Park

Not just building several buildings as regional icons. In addition, renewing the logo with reference to Central Lombok’s identity. This logo is expected to be able to market Central Lombok to outside communities.

Landmark construction is also carried out. This is expected to be able to bring along the identity of Central Lombok. The landmark is made in the form of;

  1. Gate
  2. 2 monuments in two different places.

It is expected that the renewal of logo design, landmark construction and the construction of several landmarks can attract both local and international tourists. The concept used is to adjust to the characteristics of Central Lombok.

Lombok Tengah Goverment Council

City Branding


Number of Story
Brand Expansion, Enhancement, Revitalization


Dr. Ir. Revianto Budi Santosa, M. Arch

Dr. Yulianto P. Prihatmaji, S.T. , M.T.

Cost Estimation

$ 25 m

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