DED Malang Islamic State University

The development of Maulana Malik Ibrahim Phase II UIN is a continuation of the development of stage I Maulana Malik Ibrahim UIN. In accordance with the strategic plan of Maulana Malik Ibrahim’s UIN, plan for the short, medium and long term.

Maulana Malik Ibrahim’s UIN to the world-class University is the main program of the great ideals of Maulana Malik Ibrahim’s UIN to promote Islamic education, especially in Indonesia, as well as to restore the glory of Islamic civilization in coloring the world. Therefore, this program requires support from various parties.

The gradual development of the Malang UIN was carried out in the form of several buildings in one area. The UIN Malang area to be built is divided into several segments. The planning is a second segment. the Ar-rohim area, the scope of work of Malang UIN DED Consultant Services in the form of buildings:

  1. Faculty of Engineering 1 and 2
  2. Research and Data Center
  3. Faculty of Pharmacy
  4. Faculty of Medicine
  5. Ma’had Putra and Putri
  6. Center for Islamic Studies

The design concept used is in the form of Islamic values as identity, green building and five star concepts as well as suistanable. The five star concept is the concept of initial capital design, which is function, comfort, safety, technic, and aestethic / form. This concept is the basis of the design of each building which refers to the general function of the Malang UIN area.

The concept of suistainable in the form of green building refers to the criteria issued by greenship. The application is carried out on natural lighting and lighting in several areas. Rainwater management and water conservation are used to meet user needs. The Islamic concept is highlighted as an Islamic identity which is then applied to the facade, the division of space and several elements of the building.

Malang Islamic State University

Detailed Engineering Design


Number of Story
9 tower 4 wing

Total Area
6523 m2 (tower) 4839 m2 (wing)


Dr. Ir. Revianto Budi Santosa, M. Arch

Dr. Yulianto P. Prihatmaji, S.T. , M.T.

Agung Rudianto, IAI.

Cost Estimation

$ 50 m

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