IAIN Pekalongan

The main concepts applied to this building are the adaptation of local Islamic architecture in the form of the roof of the Kauman mosque and the adaptation of the master plan in the form of curves to adjust the surrounding environment and Islamic values ​​in every aspect of life in the form of lafadz “Allah”. In the facade of the building, applying the value of Islamic and local integration in the form of a blend of Jlamprang batik ornaments, and Kufi calligraphy “science”. Entrance “Welcoming” building with a curved design into the building so as to give a warm impression


  • Client : Pekalongan Islamic State Institute
  • Role : Planning & Design Consultant
  • Year : 2017
  • Detailed Building : Campus
  • Total Area : 2112 m²
  • Architect : Agung Rudianto, IAI.
  • Cost Estimation : $2m

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