Jogja Gallery was designed as  Yogyakarta Urban Development Planning Information Center. Jogja Gallery is designed to increase tourist interest and provide insight to the community about the City of Yogyakarta. Jogja gallery has 3 roles :

  1. Exhibition: Presenting the history, and planning of Yogyakarta development
  2. Symbol: Symbolizes philosophy of Yogyakarta
  3. Place: Being a place for citizens to meet and cultural activities. This activity is involve in discussion, publication, aspiration and expression.

Layout is zoned according to the floor, 1st floor zone for the art room and hall, 2nd Floor Zone for Grand Maquette Malioboro Gallery and Gallery, 3rd Floor Gallery Strategic Planning Zone, 4th Floor Jogja Historical Gallery, 4th Floor Jogja Philosophy Gallery. Each zone is conected by the main stairs, lift and corridor.

The application of traditional characteristics from Yogyakarta can be seen in the facade and the various beams in the building. For example, sunshading and column lamp ornaments using slobog batik motifs. So this concept becomes one of the main points to highlight the identity of Jogja Gallery  in the DIY province (Special Region of Yogyakarta)


Yogyakarta Provincial Goverment

Planning and Design Consultant


Detailed Building
Gallery, Library, and Cafetaria

Total Area
2284 m2


Agung Rudianto, IAI.

Cost Estimation

$15 m

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