Nyi Ageng Serang Hospital

Regional General Hospital Nyi Ageng Serang (RSUD NAS) which is located in the village of Banguncipto, Sentolo region is officially opened at the same day as the National Health Day, Wednesday (12/11/2014). This hospital is the only state medical facility in Kulon Progo which has two woman obsgyn specialists. The high standard service of the type D hospital is possible with the collaboration with Central General Hospital Dr. Sardjito (RSUP Dr. Sardjito) such as orthopedy, cataract center, growth and development center, mental health service, etc.

The construction planning of the RSUD NAS is done in phases, namely:

  1. Phase I; Masterplan Planning
  2. Phase II; Building Design (Surgery Building, IPSRS Building, and IRNA 3 Building)
  3. Phase III; Building Design (east wing of IRNA 3, and Psychiatric Hospital)

The concept proposed on the design is using basic concept which refers to the regulations of hospital construction. Furthermore, the building shape is following the existing buildings. Each of the buildings is implemented with a corridor as a connector between each building.

Kulon Progo Goverment Council

Planning and Design Consultant


Detailed Building

Total Area
14.184  m2


Agung Rudianto, IAI

Okky Prasetyajati, S. Ars.

Cost Estimation

$10 m – $12 m

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