Scholar Arena

The Implementation of building and environmental infrastructure whose implementation uses the RKATĀ  budget of the University of Gadjah Mada is based on the following principles :

  1. Thirfty, not luxurious efficient, effective, and in accordance with required technical requirements
  2. Focused and controlled in accordance with required technical requirements
  3. To the maximum extent possible to use domestic production with regard to national capabilities / potential
  4. Pay attention to environmental conditions and minimize negative impact on the environment

The construction of the UGM sports Hall building was built to meet the needs of the university. Some space requirements in buildings include :

  1. Office
  2. Meeting Room
  3. Gamelan Room
  4. Music Room
  5. Canteen
  6. Hall Sport Arena

The concept of the building carries a modern concept but still refers to existing buildings. The use of shading in buildings serves to minimize excess light and filter out hot air from outside. The shape of the box and rigid building shows the integrity and strength of the building. This Gymnasium building will be announced as one of the building monuments for the UGM campus.

Universitas Gadjah Mada


Planning and Design Consultant


Total Area
10.000 m2


Dr. Ir. Revianto Budi Santosa, M. Arch

Agung Rudianto, IAI

Cost Estimation

$15 m – $20 m

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