Central Lombok Regent Office

The Central Lombok Regent Office Building which is currently the center of the regional government was built in the mid 70’s. With the current condition of the office building which is considered inadequate, along with the times and the ever increasing service needs, the initiative has led to a new construction of the Regent’s office building as well as arranging a master plan for the surrounding office complex in a cluster. This is so that in the future the public service system can be integrated between sectors in an effort to optimize, effectiveness and efficiency in structuring the bureaucratic system and public services for the community. In order to realize the vision and mission relating to better public services in the future, it is expected that later Master Plan office complexes will be built and the construction of the new Central Lombok Regent office building in the planned location.

Planning Office of the Regent in one master plan consists of several buildings and also master plan planning in its entirety. The parts that are designed include:

  1. Siteplan in the form of :
  2. Embung
  3. Public Space
  4. Ceremony Field
  5. Buildings that are designed consist of:
  6. Office Buildings
  7. Mosque

The main building carries the concept of Central Lombok locality. On the roof in the central building the center area is made a dome with the intention of displaying monumental properties. The application of the Subahnale organization is used in the fa├žade of the building and in the dome of the building. In addition, the concept of openness was also displayed in the planning of the DED master plan for the Regent’s Office Building and the Master Plan Preparation for the Central Lombok Office Area

Central Lombok Goverment Council

Detailed Engineering Design


Detailed Building
1 Complex Building

Total Area
24.000 m2


Dr. Ir. Revianto Budi Santosa, M. Arch

Agung Rudianto, IAI

Cost Estimation

$40 m

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