Prawirotaman Market

In order to improve the quality of the distribution of goods and services in the city of Yogyakarta, the Government of Yogyakarta City plans to revitalize the prawirotaman people’s market located in the Mergangsan village, Mergangsan sub-district. With the revitalization of the Prawirotaman People’s Market, it is expected to be able to realize a healthy market for community trading activities.

Yogyakarta will also carry buildings with the concept of green building. Prawirotaman Market is one of the pioneers, so market redesign is carried out. In addition to the green building concept, it also carries the concept of one stop building service. Prawirotaman Market will be made 24 hours in operation.

The building consists of 4 floors with 1 semi basement and 1 roof floor. The functions of the building are as follows:

  1. Semi basement floor as a parking lot
  2. 1st floor as a shop
  3. 2nd and 3rd floors are stalls and kiosks
  4. 4th floor as offices
  5. The roof floor as a co working space with the café

Market buildings are expected to be able to accommodate the needs of the surrounding community. The identity of the city of Yogyakarta is applied to the details of the building, the accent on the building and the inscription “PASAR PRAWIROTAMAN” which uses the writing of Javanese script .

Ministry of Public Work



Number of Story
1 Building 4 floors + 1 Semi Basement + 1 Roof floor

Total Area
2007 m2


Dr. Yulianto P. Prihatmaji, S.T. , M.T.

Agung Rudianto, IAI

Cost Estimation

$30 m

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