Sukabumi City Hub


Sukabumi City Hub is an integrated Mix-used building which integrates the city bus terminal of Sukabumi with a shopping center and also a four star hotel. The design creates a “one stop tourism” attraction, where visitors could visit Sukabumi by bus and stop at the terminal to shop as well to take a rest. The city’s biggest waterpark is reachable by foot north of the site, that visitors could visit easily. Designed with a modern contemporary style, the building still incorporates traditional values of the Sundanese culture in the form of patterns and motives on the facade.

  • Client : Ministry of Transportation
  • Role : Design and Build
  • Year : 2019
  • Detailed Building : Commercial
  • Total Area : 68.827 m²
  • Architect : Agung Rudianto, IAI.
  • Cost Estimation : $ 43 m

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