Yogyakarta State University

UNY (Yogyakarta State University) set to build a few buildings given the needs of the university of the increasingly high. The UNY master plan structuring planning is the main work of this project. This master plan planning work is carried out to fulfill UNY’s vision and mission and the development of campus facilities. In addition, there are 13 buildings built in one master plan. Among them are the Integrated Social Sciences Laboratory Building.


The construction of each building planned in one master plan still refers to the old building concept by providing several variations in shape. One that is displayed is the Integrated Social Sciences Laboratory Building. The building is designed using the concept of tropical and traditional architecture.


The concept of tropical architecture is the main concept of this building. Based on climate and environmental conditions in Indonesia which have a tropical climate, the building is designed in such a way as to respond to the existing climate conditions. The application of this concept can be seen starting from the shape of the roof, to the number of openings in the building. Especially to channel lighting and natural ventilation.


The application of traditional characteristics from Yogyakarta can be seen in the facade and the various beams in the building. For example, some ornaments are used on the main door to wake up. Whereas on the 3rd floor beams are highlighted to the outside of the building with variations such as the teacher in some typical buildings in Yogyakarta. So that this concept becomes one of the main points to highlight the identity of UNY in the DIY province (Special Region of Yogyakarta)

Yogyakarta State University

Masterplan Consultant


Detailed Building
13 Buildings

Total Area
34.433 m2


Dr. Ir. Revianto Budi Santosa, M. Arch

Dr. Yulianto P. Prihatmaji, S.T. , M.T.

Cost Estimation

$ 50 m

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